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The face of marketing has changed!  Marketers have not given enough attention to the value of customer and competitor data.  With the explosion of the interactive world, we are now flooded with behavioral information which needs to be analyzed and turned into actionable knowledge.  For companies to excel, they will need to master all the new communication channels and engage in true one-to-one marketing with their customers and prospects.  By doing so, they will maximize their dialogue, interaction and engagement with customers and prospects.

Kaenan Hertz is an “Experienced, innovative, & effective Marketing & Analytics Leader focused on driving measurable results.”


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Marketing & Analytics Leader focused on driving measurable results.  Possess leadership skills that capitalize on using sophisticated online and offline quantitative analytics to drive customer acquisition, retention, deepening, engagement and profit growth.

Strategic database marketing starts with analyzing the landscape and ensuring that one is utilizing all possible data to help make informed decisions.

Understanding your customers, prospects, and competitors is key for growing, retaining, and deepening your customer relationships.  Tools such as segmentation, media mix modeling, and multi-channel campaigns are becoming the de-facto norm.

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